Thursday, October 30, 2008

Pumpkin Contest Results!

And the winner is!!
Not jake. Although Popeye did rake in a nice 2nd!! That is good enough for $100 cash....not too shabby!! A gal at Jake's work who works cashier decorated some pumpkins to look like the California Raisins, and she won 1st. Mind you, Cali Raisins are not exactly 'classic cartoon' as the rules called for, but it is certainly something none of the rest of us thought of! I would have liked to have seen them. Anyways, I am still happy that Jake placed. Thanks to all those awesome family members who helped build Popeye! Stay tuned for next years contest :)


Carrie said...

boo - hiss hiss! Raisins over spinich? No way. It is a conspiracy! I bet the judges had bad memories of their mom's shoving that green stuff down their throats. Oh well!

B N J said...

Still.. can cover gas to Logan... Next year eh?