Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Halloween News

In other news, Jake's day job, Mountain High Motorsports is currently conducting their annual Halloween Employee Pumpkin Contest. The idea is for the employees to decorate or carve a pumpkin under certain criteria and then judge each other's pumpkins to determine the winner. A couple years back we did the Headless Horseman with an old motorcycle frame, and engine and a bucket for the body, and wires for the arms and hands, with, naturally, the pumpkin for the head (which was actually a helmet painted orange!). It was a hit, and it won first place. The next year we did Yoda. This one was also really fun to do! The pumpkin was the head, and then other forms of melons/squash were used for the hands and ears etc. This year, we did Popeye. He looks awesome!. Hopefully, we will win again, as has been the tradition so far.

Jake has a very talented brother who has assisted with the last two years donating invaluable time and talent to making our pumpkin creations come to life. Thanks Isaac!! I don't know about Jake, but I look forward to this contest each year. Lots of fun! Happy Halloween!!


HarleyAngel883L said...

WOW!!! You guys are so Creative!!! I can't believe that Popeye is made from a pumpkin. He is so good! You really should win first prize!

Jaffa Family said...

I am impressed... I skimmed the page first because I wanted to see your cute family and then when I finally started reading and found out that those pics were pumpkins I almost didn't believe it! That is awesome!