Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Like mother, Like daughter

Lily's school is doing their Red Ribbon Week this week teaching the kids all about saying no to drugs. Tuesday (today) was crazy sock day, meant to encourage kids to 'kick drugs to the curb'! Kids who wore crazy socks would get a sticker that they could wear all day. Trying to convince Lily to dress silly is like trying to convince a dog to meow. Very difficult task! Just like her mother, dressing out of the comfort zone is not something we look forward to doing. I never did participate in Spirit Weeks or anything of the sorts in school. I would support my friends of course, but you would always and only see me in the regular jeans and t-shirt. It appears this is the case with Lily also. Wednesday is backward shirt day and when I asked her if she wanted to wear her shirt backward I got a look that said 'are you crazy??' at the same time her mouth said "no!"
Needless to say, I did convince her to participate in crazy sock day. She would not wear her own socks mismatched or anything, but she did agree to wear her daddy's socks!! So, here she is, in her dad's tall socks. Pretty cool huh?
We will keep working at getting her out of her comfort box a bit. :)

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Brian and Erin Lewis said...

Maybe mom should get out of the comfort box and wear her shirt backwards for the day with her. (or at least when she sees you.)