Thursday, November 6, 2008

Update on Deer Head Story!!

I decided to tease Lily a little about her conversation with her dad about the deer in our garage. See a few posts below for the story. Anyways! Here is our conversation....

mom: Lil, is the deer in the garage alive?

lily: yes

mom: how come it doesn't move?

lily: it's alive, mom, but it's spirit is in heaven, so it can't move, dad told me.

mom: Oh. So, when your spirit is in heaven, are we going to hang you on the wall too? (she sat and thought for a moment)

lily: (she put her finger in the middle of her forehead as she spoke) Are you gonna have to put a nail in me?

And that was it! It was fun. I could tell that she knew I was joking, and she laughed with me about it later. It became the joke of the day. Good times when your kids are old enough to joke around! :)

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