Thursday, July 31, 2008

Lily Picadilly

Well, we survived Lily's last test prior to Kindergarten! We met her teacher, Mrs Thacker, and saw her classroom and where she will line up each day. All very exciting (and a smidge heartbreaking). As for her testing, Lily proved she could write her name, count to 30, add and subtract simple numbers below 10 (in the form of word problems no less!). She even recognized all the letters of the alphabet, and wrote the numbers 1-10 (with a small bit of assistance from copying off the number posters). I am SO proud of her!!

The word problems shocked me the most. I didn't know she could do it, but she told me later that her daddy has been teaching her math. GO DADDY!! Her teacher said to her "there are 4 ducks in a pond and 2 ducks come join them. How many ducks are there?" Lily correctly answered 6 without hesitation. Next "I have 5 bouncy balls all bouncing on the sidewalk, and 3 bounce away. How many bouncy balls are there?" And once again, Lily correctly answered 2 balls. Her teacher then used 4 round chips and 'hid' some of them in her other hand. Each time, Lily was able to look at her hands and determine correctly just how many the teacher was hiding. It was awesome!! We also have her first homework assignment! Lily gets to decorate a poster that we brought home from school. It has questions on it and places to put pictures and things like that. It is really going to be neat. I just need to get the pics developed from walmart that we want to use.

Anyways, it was a good day at Kindergarten for Mom and Lily alike. Still hard for me, but it feels better knowing how her day will go, and where she will be etc.


Angela's Crazy Daily's said...

how cool! Man she is so smart! It makes me sick! :)

B N J said...

What a smart girl!! -- I can't believe she is in kindergarten! - How exciting!