Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Night and Day its Cinderelly!!

Well!! If this just wasn't a kick in the pants funny moment! I woke up, and Lily demanded I get her breakfast, I told her to wait till I got out of the shower, and I would get her something to eat.
Once I got out of the shower, I went downstairs to get dressed, and a few minutes later Lily came stomping down to my room and said "MOM!!! You STILL haven't gotten me my breakfast! And I want it! I told you. I am hungry!" I was shocked. At a complete loss for words, I said "Lily, you are rude. I will not talk to you right now. You go upstairs, and when I am done dressing, I will be up." She stomped off.
When I got upstairs, I proceeded to tell her that she was extremely rude to me, and that it was not nice at all of her to talk to me like that. I said I would get her breakfast, and she was mean about it. By now she had tears, and whispered she was sorry to me. I asked her "What do you think you make me feel like when you treat me like that?" With more tears, her quiet reply was "Like Cinderella". What's a mom to do now? I realized then that she realized that she was behaving like a wicked stepsister. Not quite the answer I expected, but one that will do just fine! She apologized again, and we hugged, and made breakfast together! What a way to start the day! Love you Lily!


Angela's Crazy Daily's said...

I think that she must haved learned that from me... so sorry about that. I think that the musical might have left that stepsister stuff in me... Ha ha but i am glad she said sorry!

B & J said...

what a funny girl! - She was really fun Saturday! - and loves to laugh at cartoons!