Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Kindergarten Girl!!

Lily is entering Kindergarten Aug 4! She is ready, her mom is not! What's a mother to do??? Some days I feel like crying, some days I feel like celebrating, and some days I just sit and think on it, and realize that here goes my little girl for the next 12 years or more! Today I am taking her to her new school for her last Kindergarten pre-assessment....hope she does well! She did really good on her last one, and is excited for this one. The funny thing is, she asked her daddy if we could take her to Gavin's dish of Ice cream (Leatherby's) for her doing good on her test. Smart girl! I guess she heard daddy telling me that he would take me out to ice cream for doing well in my own schooling! Despite my nerves about her going to school, I think we are all ready.....we have the backpack, pencil box, pencils, crayons, and glue sticks. Half of that will most likely not be needed or used, but it is still fun to get it for her; helps her feel like a big girl on her way to school. Well, as much as I worry, I know she will do well.

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Sarah C said...

I understand your feelings. I am sure she will do great. She will love it.