Monday, July 14, 2008

Yay for baby!!

Quinn has learned a new word!! He raises a hand in the air and shouts 'I'!!! He also holds objects to the side of his head and says 'I'. Sometimes we can get the h sound on the front.....too cool!! He is still working on waiving, and not just putting his hand up. He can do a really good finger closing wave with his right hand, ask him to do it with his left, and he stares at his left hand while trying to do it, and you can see his right hand doing it still! How's that coordination coming kiddo??
Now Quinn can say mama, daddy, lily, and hi. 'Mama' is really good, 'daddy' is good, 'lily' is still a yee-yeeeee, and 'hi' is just too stinkin cute. :)


B & J said...

cute little guy!

Angela's Crazy Daily's said...

Wow! that is so fun! we miss you guys! hopefully we can get together soon! :)