Friday, November 21, 2008

A question from the Parkers

I was reading on the Parkers (good friends!) blog, and they had this question posted, that was asked to them by someone else. Their post asked readers to think about it, and then answer. Here is the question, and my response....

"If Heavenly Father was to come and spend an entire day with you just because He loves you, what would you do?"

Wow!! That really is a thought provoking question. I spend all day on Sunday trying to get my primary kids to realize that it is a very real possibility that they will one day be standing with the Father and Son, and I try my hardest to get them to think and do the things they would do when that time comes (refer to the primary song If The Savior Stood Beside Me). I have never had the question reversed though. When I first read the question about what I would do if Heavenly Father came to visit me, my immediate thought was of me sitting there holding my kids with my hubby standing by us, and we are just sitting and talking with Father about the kids. Of course, once I really thought about what I was thinking about, I realized that it would be silly to discuss MY kids with Him, because they were really HIS kids, and I was only taking care of them while on earth. So, I thought maybe we could go walking together, and look at the flowers and the trees, maybe go for a hike and take in a good dose of nature. But then again, what would be the point, since He knows what nature is all about already? He has already seen everything I would want to show Him. So, instantly my thoughts became restless...what could I do, what would I do, what should I do, if Heavenly Father came to visit me, just because he loved me? Well, the answer is not so's really quite simple. I would do and show Heavenly Father things that make me happy, things that I am grateful for, things that I am trying to improve upon. I would definately start by showcasing my family, even going so far as to show birth pictures and things like that. Maybe He and Quinn could roll Q's ball back a forth a bit. Then we could see my flower garden together. I worked hard all year on that garden! And I loved every minute of the blooms and blossoms that grew! (can't wait for next years flowers!) After that, who knows! I know there would be plenty to do and talk about. Why? Because if Heavenly Father were to come and visit, just because He loved me, then I would show Him all the things I am doing, and all the things I love just to show Him that the love is returned. God gave me all that I have. He gave me my kids, my husband, my flowers, my home...... It would only be right that I show Him that I am grateful and that I am benefiting from all He has done for me. And I bet you dollars for donuts that Heavenly Father would enjoy seeing my kids, my garden, hearing about my day, my hard times, the good times....why? Because He is my Father, and that is what dad's are for!!

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