Saturday, September 5, 2009

So, we tried to go out swimming the other night, and found out the pool is closed for maintenance, so we hit up the local Chili's (on dad's wallet, naturally) instead. While we were there, some pretty cool things happened with the kiddies! Quinn ordered his own dinner...he looked right at the waitress and said 'ee sanwich ee fries, ah muk'. translated, this means a sandwich and fries and milk. It was just too cool!! He got a grilled cheese, and fries and milk, and ate well! Lily also had some fun things go on. Her daddy drilled her on her math facts and we found out that she can add double digit with single digit math problems with little to no error, and she is fairly good at the lower double digit plus double digit problems as well. Then she shocked us when she said she could spell Mississippi. All fired up to show us, she said "m, r, s, period, s, i, p, i. See? Mrs. Sipi!" That one could not keep us from laughing right out loud. Just too cool.
Anyways, that is all for now! Going to Swiss Days in an hour. They have the best bbq beef dinner. tradition!

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Team Jensen said...

I'm seriously jealous you're going to Swiss Days! it! Kids are all growing up too fast! Good thing you have another on the way!