Thursday, August 20, 2009

Kids and their crazies

This is just a quick little update on the fun things that have been happening at our house lately!

First, Lily is absolutely loving 1st grade, she reads like a champ, gets 100% on her spelling tests, and was recently moved to the top tier group in her class. Go Lily! She is also great at helping mom and dad with both of her little brothers. She holds Quinn when they go for SHORT motorcycle rides with daddy, and she gets things for mom when our 'other little brother' is kicking or sitting on a nerve, or whatever it is they do while they are cooking! The first pic is of Lily and dad and Q going to the park in our neighborhood. The next pic is of Q. He decided to be mr. domestic and do the dishes! He opened the dishwasher and stood up on it to reach the top rack. From there, you can see what he did. Then he proudly told me 'a diss ah done!' Yes, Q-B-Doo, the dishes are all done. Such a helper! Lastly, I was telling Q to bring me a diaper since Lily had noticed that he was not smelling the greatest, and instead he said 'way down bear. Iss a good bear, way down', and when I looked, he was trying to put the diaper on his teddy bear! It was just too cute. Did he not realize that HE was the stinky one? Bear was clean. Needless to say, I helped him change bear, and once we were done, he realized the diaper covered the tag on the bear, and that was just not going to work. So, off came the diaper so Q's fingers could wind around the tag. Too much fun at our house today!!

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Team Jensen said...

Now that is such a cute little Q-man!