Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Halloween Preview

Here are the kids in their Halloween costumes. We just bought them the other day, and of course, we had to try them on to make sure they were keepers.

It was nice to finally get L to be something other than a princess or fairy. She liked this witch costume because it was not scary looking, the skirt glows, and it reminded her of the witches at Gardner Village that we go see each year.

Q does not like to dress up, and I was nervous that we would not find a costume he would like. Internet searching uncovered this fabulous SuperWhy costume at Halloween USA which is over near FYE on Redwood. How perfect!! SuperWhy is one of his favorite shows. I did not even have to show the costume to him...he saw it on the rack and started to yell Super why! Super why! He even let us try it on him. how cool huh????
Anyways, Halloween this year should be fun!!

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