Thursday, May 28, 2009

Lily's revelation

We were at daddy's work today, and he was out test driving a bike he was working on when we drove up. While we were waiting for him to get back, Lily asked what all the other bikes out front of dad's work were for. So, we had the good ol' talk about how dad fixes all those bikes, and he gets to ride them when he is done to make sure he fixed them right. Jake rode up at that point on what looked to me to be a blue dirt bike of sorts. Lily saw her dad and yells "Whoa!! He can ride that kind of a bike with no training wheels?" Ok Lil, how long has daddy been riding bikes with no training wheels? What a nerd she is sometimes! Good comic relief. What would we do without the humor of young children? (the pic is of jake on his old bike in AZ, but it was a pic of him on a bike, so I thought it would work!)


Team Jensen said...

What a silly girl!

Deb Plante said...

That little Sweetheart is such a crack up. She's such a joy to be around!!! :)