Monday, April 27, 2009

Bittersweet Treat

Oh man, I have got to be the worst mom in the world! Or at least my son must think so.....

I bought a perfectly round seedless watermelon at Walmart a couple days ago, and the minute I picked it up in the store Quinn was yelling "ball! ball!" and he would not calm down until I let him hold it, which he did, all the way home! Once we got home, I ended up putting it in the kitchen cupboard above the fridge hoping for an out-of-sight, out-of-mind situation to take place. He never did forget that the 'ball' was in the cupboard.

Today I pulled it out to cut it up, and Quinn's worst fears came true. Mom was going to kill his ball. The whole time I am cutting, I am telling and showing and trying to get him to see that it is not a ball, it is a watermelon, and you eat it, but he would not listen. He kept saying (rather loudly) "ball! no!! ball!! ball!!" I even gave him a piece of melon, and he looked at it like I had just given him something terrible to eat. He tasted it, and gave it back, still asking for his ball. (By the way, there were tears streaming down his face the entire time!).

I cut the melon in fourths, and shelled the pieces so I would have less mess, and when I had thrown 3 of the rinds in the trash, Quinn walked over to the garbage can, lifted the lid, looked in and said very quietly "ball??"

It was the saddest, most hilarious thing that could have happened! He still won't eat any of the watermelon. He also went and found his blue ball, and refuses to let me hold it...for fear, I am sure, that he will lose that one too.

What a Monday!


Team Jensen said...


KathE said...

Ooh! This is too funny! Poor Quinn. Hahaha!

Deb Plante said...

You know that is one memory he won't be likely to forget. Poor Quinners!!

Jaffa Family said...

That is so funny, Kids really do have a different perspective in this world than we do!