Saturday, December 27, 2008


So, last winter, Quinn was not old enough to really appreciate the snow. This year, bring on the boots and gloves!! He loves it! Jake was out plowing the other day, and we discovered that Q loves to ride on the machine with his daddy. Even though his hands were bright red (he won't keep gloves on), he didn't want to come inside. It was fun to watch. Lily loves the snow too. We went to Grams and Bapo's house today, and they played tag in the backyard running along trails made by bapo before the game. That was after they took turns knocking down the icecicles in the back yard.


B N J said...

The snow game is actually called 'Fox and Geese' it's a game Bapo played as a kid - he had a blast with the kids! :)

Angela's Crazy Daily's said...

I LOVED BEING WITH YOU GUYS! It was so fun! Little miss proper Jenny... I thought it was tag!

Sarah C said...

That looks fun!
When you have time, will you please put a post together for me to put on the khs200cougars website? Thank you.
Happy Birthday!