Thursday, December 11, 2008

Poor Fish

Yup. Lily has a beta fish in her room, named Princess Rockstar, and we finally decided to clean her tank! Once we were done, we put her back on Lily's dresser, and thought all was well. A few minutes later, Quinn starts crying...I found him in Lily's room, soaked, with an 'Oh dear, what have I done' kind of look on his face. Princess Rockstar only had half her water remaining in her tank. Quinn learned that he is not strong enough to lift her tank down all by himself!! I am just glad the fish was still in the tank. Poor traumatized boy. Poor traumatized Beta. ;)


Carrie said...

hee hee! that is kind of funny. gotta love them!

Jen said...

Glad the fish made it !!-- My goodness, in that picture he looks just like Aidan!