Thursday, August 7, 2008


So I realized something today...

Well, I already knew it, but it came to me in a new way. Since Lily has started Kindergarten, I feel like I have lost her in a way. I take her to school and leave her there, and it is up to her and her teacher to make it work. It's up to her to learn and grow and progress. And then, at the end of her short day, I go and get her and talk to her about her day. It's great!

Getting a bit religious here for a moment now;

Our Heavenly Father gave us the opportunity to come to Earth much like Lily and school. Like Lily and school, we leave the comforts of our Heavenly home to embark on a journey of learning, loving, hoping, losing, gaining....many of us just waiting for the day we get to go home. Unlike me, who gets Lily back every single day, Heavenly Father let us come to Earth knowing that many of us would never make it back.

I cannot even begin to imagine, or want to imagine how that must have felt. Realizing this loss to our Father brings new meaning to me in regard to how special and important each of us really is. We are all siblings in eternity, and we are all struggling for the same reasons. We chose to come to Earth and now we have to choose to go back home! It is not always easy to choose what is right, and it is certainly not always easy to stand up for what is right when we are faced with opposition so intense we can only force ourselves to stand and not shrink. And how much more important it is now to stand strong! Realizing that I am a mother, and caretaker to two wonderful children, I know that my responsibilities to Heavenly Father are great. Not only do I need to focus on my own personal and spiritual welfare, but I must focus on those respective welfares for my own children as well. I can only pray that I am doing a good job, and that my children will grow and come to understand that it is not about how many friends we make, or how popular we are in the eyes of the world. What matters most is how much we learn and grow and progress toward returning to our Heavenly Home with humility, love, charity.....

I am greatful to my Heavenly Father for helping me realize just how important family is, and for His allowing me to be a part of the wonderful tapestry of love that we weave every day we choose to live worthy of His love and guidance!

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