Monday, July 27, 2009

Doggie-sitting Sophia

We got to watch Bon and Jer's dog Sophia for a night and the kids loved it! Quinn would run around with her yelling out 'Sophy! Sophy!' and the dog would come running right at him and lick him, and then they would do it all over again. Lily loved to put her on her little leash and go for walks around the house and yard. At bed time, each kid took turns 'putting the puppy to bed' and then Lily fell asleep with Sophy. I woke her up and we put the little critter in her kennel for the night, but what a fun time it was when she was awake!! Now that Sophia is back at home, the kids keep telling me that they miss Sophy. It is really cute!

Bonnie and Jeremey, thanks for letting us watch her for you!!

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